Look closely and find the chairs.

One fall I visited the N. C. Museum of Art in Raleigh. A variety of collections filled an expanse of buildings. Price: free! The perfect fall day prompted a walk down the path to outside displays. One work of art, as it was named, was “chairs for the trees.” At first I only noticed a school desk by the trunk of an outlying tree. But with a closer examination, I spotted chairs elevated through the grove as though a sapling had forced its way through the rungs of an abandoned resting place. Maybe that is how they came to be or maybe they were hung there with care like stockings on a hearth.

The scene reminded me a bit of the adage, “Don’t let the grass grow under your feet.” Wow! Someone took that to a totally different level. Don’t let the trees grow under your chair!

Life happens and comes to an end before many things get accomplished. When you were 5 years old, what did you talk about doing when you grew up? Do you have a dream that “one day” you will realize? A skill you plan to learn? A place you want to visit? When will you? “We need to have lunch sometime, friend.” A heart-felt invitation but life gets in the way and it just never happens. The little things may be easier to overlook because they seem attainable at any time, but they can be equally important.

Often homeowners, when selling a home, are faced with the “that-will-get-done-tomorrow” list that didn’t get done. Documenting the age of the roof, the HVAC or water heater makes TIME a reality. “Wasn’t it just last year we replaced the roof?” “Is it time to update already?”

Whether you are a homeowner or not, choose one thing that you have talked about doing “one day” and put it on the calendar.

  • Lunch with a friend?
  • Day-cation?
  • Trip to a museum (N.C. Museum of Art, maybe)?
  • Learn a skill?
  • Paint a room?
  • Read a book?
  • You name it…..

Then, after you accomplish your task, let me know how it went. Better yet, let me know your plans so you have accountability to achieve your goal. I’d love to cheer you on. Gift yourself with a “done deal.”

Look forward to hearing from you.